The Locals by Jonathan Dee

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A rural working-class New England town elects as its mayor a New York hedge fund millionaire, in this inspired novel for our times.

Mark Firth a contractor and home restorer in Holland, Massachusetts, who feels opportunity passing his family by. After being swindled by a financial advisor, what future can Mark promise his wife, Karen, and their young daughter, Haley? He finds himself envying the wealthy weekenders in his community whose houses sit empty all winter. 

Philip Hadi used to be one of these people. But in the nervous days after 9/11, he flees New York and hires Mark to turn his Howland home into a year-round 'secure location' from which he can manage billions of dollars of other people's money. The collision of these two men's very different world's - rural versus urban, middle class versus wealthy - is the engine of Jonathan Dee's new novel.